Tuesday, 13 November 2018

It's Later Than You Think

A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed. ~ Henrik Ibsen #quote

The value given to the testimony of any feeling must depend on our whole philosophy, not our whole philosophy on a feeling. ~ C.S. Lewis #quote

Those who live are those who fight. ~ Victor Hugo #quote

The teacher gives not of his wisdom, but rather of his faith and lovingness. ~ Kahlil Gibran #quote

A tongue can accuse and carry bad news, gossip is cheap and it's low. But unless you've made no mistakes in your life, be careful of stones that you throw. ~ Luke the Drifter (aka, Hank Williams) Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw #Lyrics

Music is your special friend, dance on fire as it intends.  ~ The Doors, When The Music's Over #lyrics

You can hold yourself back from the sufferings of the world, that is something you are free to do and it accords with your nature, but perhaps this very holding back is the one suffering you could avoid. ~ Franz Kafka #quote, The Collected Aphorisms, no. 103

If you're going to write, don't pretend to write down. It's going to be the best you can do, and it's the fact that it's the best you can do that kills you. ~ Dorothy Parker #quote

Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away.  ~ Paul Simon, Kodachrome #Lyrics

Being competent means the ability to control and operate the things in the environment and the environment itself. ~ L. Ron Hubbard #quote

You're a rag-trade girl, you're the queen of porn, you're the easiest lay on the White House lawn.  ~ The Rolling Stones, Respectable #Lyrics

One of the darkest evils of our world is surely the unteachable wildness of the Good. ~ H. G. [Herbert George] Wells #quote

A single day is enough to make us a little larger or, another time, a little smaller. ~ Paul Klee #quote

He had decided to live forever or die in the attempt. ~ Joseph Heller #quote

One man's ceiling is another man's floor. ~ Paul Simon, One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor #Lyrics

I sometimes think
His critical judgement is so exquisite
It leaves us nothing to admire except his opinion.
~ Christopher Fry #quote, The Dark is Light Enough

Enjoy yourself - it's later than you think. ~ Socrates #Quote

Work is often the father of pleasure. ~ Voltaire #quote

Don't waste your life on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long, and in the end it's only you with yourself. ~ Mary Smich; Baz Luhrmann, Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen #Lyrics

In the end we retain from our studies only that which we practically apply. ~ Johann von Goethe #quote

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi #quote

The swift don't win the race. It goes to the worthy, who can divide the word of truth. ~ Bob Dylan, I and I #Lyrics

My role in society, or any artist or poet's role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all. ~ John Lennon #quote, Interview, KFRC RKO Radio, given the day of his death, December 8, 1980

In politics, as on the sickbed, people toss from side to side, thinking they will be more comfortable. ~ Johann von Goethe #quote

Where am I to go, now that I've gone too far? ~ Golden Earring, Twilight Zone #Lyrics

Praise those of your critics for whom nothing is up to standard. ~ Dag Hammarskjold #quote

There is only one time that is important - NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time hat we have any power. ~ Leo Tolstoy #quote

We may have civilized bodies and yet barbarous souls. We are blind to the real sights of this world; deaf to its voice; and dead to its death. And not till we know, that one grief outweighs ten thousand joys will we become what Christianity is striving to make us. ~ Herman Melville #quote

The school system, custodian of print culture, has no place for the rugged individual. It is, indeed, the homogenizing hopper into which we toss our integral tots for processing. ~ Marshall McLuhan #quote

Take away paradox from the thinker and you have a professor. ~ Soren Kierkegaard #quote

Women are like elephants to me. I like to look at them, but I wouldn't want to own one. ~ W.C. Fields #quote

I think it's bad to talk about one's present work, for it spoils something at the root of the creative act. It discharges the tension. ~ Norman Mailer #quote

From the earliest times the old have rubbed it into the young that they are wiser than they, and before the young had discovered what nonsense this was they were old too, and it profited them to carry on the imposture. ~ W. Somerset Maugham #quote

There is no greater impotence in all the world like knowing you are right and that the wave of the world is wrong, yet the wave crashes upon you. ~ Norman Mailer, Armies of the Night #quote

A man never tells you anything until you contradict him. ~ George Bernard Shaw #Quote

I tried to give up drugs by drinking. ~ Lou Reed #quote

Change your words into truths, and then change that truth into love. ~ Stevie Wonder #Lyrics

An author ought to write for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next, and the school-masters of ever afterward. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald #quote

The future is so bright that I have got to wear shades. ~ Timbuk #Lyrics

Count your blessings, ignore the lowest fear. ~ REM, Bad Day #lyrics

Old age realizes the dreams of youth: look at Dean Swift; in his youth he built an asylum for the insane, in his old age he was himself an inmate. ~ Soren Kierkegaard #quote

Take my hand, take my whole life too, but I can't help falling in love with you. ~ Elvis Presley #Lyrics

A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act. ~ Mahatma Gandhi #quote

The best way to make children good is to make them happy. ~ Oscar Wilde #quote

Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley #Quote

The labouring man has not leisure for a true integrity day by day. ~ Henry David Thoreau #quote

I usually make up my mind about a man in ten seconds, and I very rarely change it. ~ Margaret Thatcher #quote

When a man lies, he murders some part of the world. ~ Metallica, To Live Is To Die #Lyrics

Man, unlike any other thing organic or inorganic in the universe, grows beyond his work, walks up the stairs of his concepts, emerges ahead of his accomplishments. ~ John Steinbeck #quote, The Grapes of Wrath

I did not wish to take a cabin passage, but rather to go before the mast and on the deck of the world, for there I could best see the moonlight amid the mountains. I do not wish to go below now. ~ Henry David Thoreau #quote

Death makes no conquest of this conqueror: For now he lives in fame, though not in life. ~ William Shakespeare #Quote

When you're thirty-five, you can't take as much booze ... and I always got a little violent on drink... So it was kind of self-destructive suicide side of me, which is resolving itself for the better, I believe, because I never enjoyed it... ~ John Lennon #quote

Existentialism isn't so atheistic that it wears itself out showing that God does not exist. Rather it declares that even if God did exist, that would change nothing. . . Not that we believe that God exists, but we think that the problem of his existence is not the issue. ~ Jean Paul Sartre #quote

In retrospect, all these exercises in self-gratification seem pure fantasy, what Pascal called, licking the earth. ~ Malcolm Muggeridge #quote

As I got hit by a car, there was a message for me. ~ They Might Be Giants, Subliminal #Lyrics

The time which we have at our disposal every day is elastic; the passions we feel expand it, those that we inspire contract it, and habit fills up what remains. ~ Marcel Proust #quote

Nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as a steady purpose - a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye. ~ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley #Quote

The profession of book writing makes horse racing seem like a solid, stable business. ~ John Steinbeck #quote

A person must have a certain amount of intelligent ignorance to get anywhere. ~ Charles Franklin Kettering #quote

Human beings hardly ever learn from the experience of others. They learn; when they do, which isn't often, on their own, the hard way. ~ Robert A. Heinlein #quote

Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting. ~ Johann von Goethe #quote

A star on a movie set is like a time bomb. That bomb has got to be defused so people can approach it without fear. ~ Jack Nicholson #quote

Oh, how much is today hidden by science! Oh, how much it is expected to hide! ~ Friedrich Nietzsche #quote

The reason people blame things on the previous generations is that there's only one other choice. ~ Doug Larson #quote

Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. ~ Ann Landers #quote

Some folks look for answers, others look for fights. ~ Grateful Dead, Playing In The Band #lyrics

It is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. It is legal and lawful to own a shotgun or a rifle. We believe in obeying the law. ~ Malcolm X #quote

I want to put a ding in the universe. ~ Steve Jobs #quote

The history of men's opposition to women's emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself. ~ Virginia Woolf #quote