Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Dowager Curry

aka Brian's Mom's B.C. Logging Camp(1) Curry
(or tastes the same but it's not exactly the way She made it!)(2)

1 Frying chicken
1 Chicken bouillon cube
1 Cup hot water
3/4 Cup cold water
To taste:
Poultry Seasoning
Brown Sugar

2 Teaspoons Patak Extra Hot Curry Paste(4)
1/2 Cup flour(5)
2 Cups vegetables (Brian uses mixed frozen sometimes or fresh is great! Broccoli, peas, carrots or (fill in the blank).
1-1/2 Cups basmati rice

Dissolve bouillon cube in one-cup hot water. Place chicken in small coverable roasting pan. Pour bouillon mixture over chicken. Sprinkle chicken with brown sugar, poultry seasoning, pepper and garlic. Cover and place in 325-degree oven. Cook covered until joints of chicken easily separate. Remove chicken from pan and set aside to cool.

Place roasting pan on stove top and bring bouillon mixture to slow boil.

Into 3/4 cup cold water add 1/2 cup instant blend flour. Using fork, blend until creamy smooth. Pour flour mixture into roasting pan and using whisk or fork blend with bouillon mixture. Note! As mixture thickens, whisk constantly to blend in chicken fat. Add hot water to thin to desired (thick) gravy like consistency. Add 2 (medium) teaspoons of Patak Extra Hot Curry Paste and blend in with whisk. Set mixture aside on low heat. Give it a stir once in awhile!

Remove all flesh from chicken carcass in finger size pieces. (We use the skin too - more flavour! - up to you.) Discard carcass or save for soup! Fold chicken meat in with curry mixture and place back in oven. Cover!

Boil or steam vegetables until almost done (if frozen skip this step) then fold drained vegetables into chicken curry mixture and place back in oven. Cover!
Cook 1-1/2 cups basmati rice.

When rice cooked - eat! Serving Suggestion:
We like the rice bowl approach so, if you like eating with chop sticks, place rice serving in bowl and top with curry serving. (You are now into a serious cross-cultural experience!)

If you like your curry hotter, add more Patak and vice versa.

This is absolutely great on a cold wet winter evening. Keeps you warm all night! We've taken this to several boat pot luck dinners and it's always been a success.

(1) Circa 1930's.
(2) Brian says it's an incredibly lazy way to make it, but no one would ever taste the difference.
(3) We've been using the dehydrated stuff lately (found in the fresh vegetable section), but you can use powder or fresh or (fill in the blank).
(4) Safeway has it! Look in the Import Food Section.
(5) We use the instant blending kind!