Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Music XI

Sigred has tried this trick (see after the quote) in other ways, a number of times, with no change in the outcome.

doing the same thing over and over again 
and expecting different results. ~
Albert Einstein #quote

Previous to March 2012 she'd posted a song of the day, everyday, on Facebook for over a year.  From time to time she'd get a "Like" or a comment ("I met (so-and-so) in 1969 when I was a roady/lead singer for a high school rock 'n roll band; I saw (whosit) in concert in 2001!  They were fabulous!) etc. so this practice limped along with only a modicum of encouragement.  In March 2012 Sigred had a small spate of life's not-unusual set backs and one small consequence of that spate was she quit posting the song of the day on Facebook.  

No one commented, no one noticed*, not a peep was heard from her Facebook "friends and family".  

"I could be dead" she complained to a mildly baffled Fred. "And no one would notice!"

Later on, she complained to Fiona as well.  Fiona said "No, I'd know if you were dead."

"You're psychic?!" Sigred exclaimed. "You think we have some sort of special over-the-miles bond?"

Fiona denied any such dubious talents but was firm in her total self-assurance that somehow she'd know if her Mom had ceased to occupy planet earth. 

What could Sigred do?  She laughed and told Fiona she loved her back.  

In any case, Sigred's song of the day continued to be posted on other social sites where the appreciation from strangers is far higher than that which she ever got from her "friends & family".  

Go figure. 

In any case.... here's another set.  

Motorcycle Song ~ The Binges

This Night ~ Black Lab

Everything Trying ~ Damien Jurado

Barricades ~ Fyfe Dangerfield

Felicia ~ The Constallations

The Light ~ Mason Jennings

Start a War ~ The National

Shark In the Water ~ V.V. Brown

You Mean The World To Me ~ Toni Braxton

I Know ~ Jude

All That We See ~ The Black Ryder

Night ~ Bill Callahan

Ride Free ~ Jonny Kaplan And The Lazy Stars   

End of the Day ~ Doug Paisley

Telephone ~ The Black Angels

 AM-FM ~ !!! Chk Chik Chick

In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning ~ Junior Wells and Buddy Guy

Me and My Woman ~ Shuggie Otis

Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) ~ Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

Volunteered Slavery  ~ The Derek Trucks Band
The Sun is Shining Down ~ JJ Grey & Mofro

Shine On ~ Eric Bibb

Why Try To Change Me Now ~ Fiona Apple

Sway ~ Dean Martin

Maggot Brain ~ Funkadelic

A Slow Parade ~ AA Bondy

Where Did You Go? ~ Jets Overhead

Safety Dance ~ Men Without Hats

Sarah ~ Ray LaMontagne

Love Vigilantes  ~ Iron & Wine

Blues For Ben ~ Stanton Moore

People Gonna Talk ~ James Hunter

Harmonia ~ Cass McCombs

I Do Not Fear Jazz ~ Big Strides

No Moon At All ~ Brad Mehldau Trio

Night Train  ~ Oscar Peterson

Seven Day Mile ~ The Frames

Never Had Nobody Like You - Matt Ward

Drive ~ Dawn Landes

Lose You ~ Pete Yorn

The Shining ~ Badly Drawn Boy

$300 ~ Soul Coughing

Bobski ~ Galactic

Firesuite ~ Doves

Got to Be More Careful ~ John Cleary

On My Side ~ Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons

Whisper ~ A Fine Frenzy
Through The Dark ~ Alexi Murdoch

I'm in Love with a Girl ~ Big Star

Fire ~ Daniel Lanois

Cheap and Cheerful ~ The Kills

Vice ~ The Crystal Method

Teardrop ~ José González

Light For The Deadvine ~ People in Planes

Jerry Weintraub ~ Waldeck

Human ~ Civil Twilight

Mungal Feat Nitin Sahwney ~ Awake

Kicked Out ~ Pussy Galore

I Idolize You ~ Liz Wright

All My Life ~ DJ Harry

Let Me In ~ Hot Hot Heat

Slippery When Wet ~ The Commodores

Good Man ~ Josh Ritter

In A Gadda Da Vida ~ Iron Butterfly

Whole Lotta Lovin' ~ Otis Rush

Ain't No Reason ~ Brett Dennen

Follow the Leader ~ Matthew Ryan

Bastards Of Young ~ The Replacements

Are You Alright? ~ Lucinda Williams

Get Down Tonight ~ KC & The Sunshine Band

Dimension ~ Wolfmother

I Don't Like Mondays ~ The Boomtown Rats

See The World ~ Gomez

How Does It Feel ~ Michael Mind Project

In The Waiting Line ~ Zero 7

Listen Here ~ Eddie Harris

Grey Room ~ Damien Rice

Walter Reed ~ Michael Penn

Into Dust ~ Mazzy Star

* In this End, a couple of people did notice and comment to Sigred, whereupon she gave them a sneak peak of the above "Random Story", thanked them for their interest and directed them to other social sights where she continued to post music.