About Us

Living on a boat in British Columbia, Canada or moving to Ecuador, they both take the same kind of general outlook on life.  It's an adventure!  Either that or we've both got a  screw loose.

In any case, here we are retired (finally) with our sweet shih tzu (aka Princess), making a life for ourselves at the equator.

"Dangling on a Hook" in stories*, poems & pictures speaks to the hook we all dangle from and offers the philosophy of enough.

"Planet Irony" speaks to all the machinations moving from Canada to Ecuador. It talks about the good, the bad & the ugly, and takes us through our day to day life for about 3 years (2008 - 2010).

"Those Not Complicated Need Not Apply" is best described by the following Bossy & Selfish in Ecuador Cartoon:

Bossy & Selfish on Dowager
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