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 New Recipes Posted after April 26, 2017:
Cream Cheese & Cherry Brownies
Shrimp Salad with Spicy Almond Dressing

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Miscellaneous (drinks, play doh,
   puppy cookies, etc.)
Sandwiches & Handhelds
    (Including a Bunch of Great Burger Recipes)
Side Dishes
Slow Cooker
    Breads & Handhelds
    Candy & Miscellaneous


Apple/Chicken Stew
Apricot Chicken Breasts with Veggies
Asian Stir Fry on a Bed of Lettuce
Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza
BBQ Chicken Naan Pizza
Brian's Beef Stew
Brian's Fried Rice
Broccoli Pesto Chicken with Noodles
Cajun Spice Chicken with Caramelized Fruit
Cheese Crusted Fish
Chicken/Broccoli Stir-Fry & Cashews
Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole
Chicken Fajita Pasta
Chicken Florentine Flatbread
Chicken Kiev
Chicken Meat Loaf
Chicken Pasanda
Chicken Pie with Béchamel Sauce
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie Turnovers
Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuit Crust
Chicken Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole
Chicken Ramen
Chicken Squash Pasta Bake
Chinese Chicken Spaghetti
Coconut Chicken with Pineapple Salsa
Cola-Baked Ham with Cherry-Orange Glaze
Crab Cakes
Creole Shrimp
Dowager Curry
Easy Jerk Chicken
Fish & Mashed Potatoes Pie
Frying Pan Pizza
Ginger-Almond Baked Salmon
Green Chicken Curry & Thai Pineapple 
   Fried Rice
Grilled Chicken With Spicy Cherry Sauce
Hummus, Shakshuka & Baked Sweet 
   Potato Chips
Jambalaya with Chicken, Shrimp, 
   & Spicy Sausage
Kung Pao Chicken
Lemon Chicken Zucchini Noodles
Mango Chicken
Manicotti Shelley
Maple Baked Beans
Maple Berry Sausages
Meatball Bomb
Norwegian/Welsh Cabbage Rolls
One Pot Wonder
Orange Chicken x 3 
Oven Baked Fish & Chips
Oven Baked Scotch Eggs
Pan Burritos
Pasta with Veggies & Shrimp & Coconut Milk
Pizza Casserole
Pizza Pasta
Popcorn Crusted Chicken Parmesan
Pork Loin with Caramelized Fruit
Red Coconut Curry  
Red Curry and Ginger Coconut Sauce
Rice Bowl with Wasabi Dressing
Salmon Cakes
Several Yummy Casseroles
Shelley's Lasagna
Shredded Chicken Sesame Noodle Bowls
Shrimp Egg Foo Young
Shrimp Patties
Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles
Slow Baked Chicken Wings
Southwestern Chicken Cups
Spice-Rubbed Pork Tacos with Peach Salsa
Spicy Baked Chicken Nuggets
Spicy Hot Chicken
Spicy Meatballs
Spicy Prawn and Pineapple Fried Rice
Spicy Southwestern Chicken Rolls
Stuffed Breaded Pancakes with Ham, 
   Eggs & Cheese
Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Stuffed Green Peppers
Sun Dried Tomato Spinach Stuffed 
   Chicken Thighs
Sweet Potato Zucchini Lasagna
Taco Cups
Taco Pie
Teriyaki Chicken with Zoodles
Torta Pie
Tuna Pie
Tuna Puffs
Turkey Croquettes
Veggie & Spicy Sausage Stuffed Peppers
Vietnamese Meatball Lettuce Wraps 
Zoodles & Sauce & Sausage

Slow Cooker

Bacon Chicken Sweet & Sour Bites Appetizers
Beef Bourguignon
Black Bean & Mango Chili
Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken Dinner in a Pot
Chicken Parmesan Soup
Coconut Curried Short Ribs
Coconut Ginger/Curry Chicken
Coconut Shrimp & Rice
Cola Beef
Garlic Honey Teriyaki Chicken Wings
Orange Chicken Stew
Orange Glazed Pot Roast
Spicy Marmalade Meatballs 
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Sweet BBQ Turkey or Pork Meatballs


Asparagus Soup
Brian's Chicken Soup
Broccoli Cashew Soup
Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup
Carrot Soup x 2
Carrot Spinach Soup
Carrot, Tomato, Corn & Coconut Soup
Chicken Parmesan Soup
Coconut Shrimp Soup  
Corn Chowder
Creole Pasta Soup 
Dowager Seafood Chowder
Faux Burmese Soup
Five+ Bean Soup
Kimchi and Kimchi Noodle Soup
Minestrone Chowder
Pizza Soup
Pumpkin (or squash) Soup 
Shrimp, Clam & Corn Soup
Spicy Chicken Corn Chowder
Squash Soup 
Thai Chicken Soup
Thai Coconut Soup
Tomato Chickpea & Coconut Soup
Tomato Soup
Tortilla Soup 
Vegetable Chowder
Vegetarian Minestrone Soup 
Veggie Soup
Zuppa Toscana


   Basque Cherry Pie
   Caramel Espresso Cheesecake Brownies 
         with Salted Caramel Sauce*
   Cherry Pie Bars
   Chocolate Chip Baklava
   Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Squares
   Chocolate Crunch Bars
   Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy Bars
   Chocolaty Chocolate Chip Bars
   Cinnamon Pecan Streusel Cheesecake Bars
   Cranberry Bars
   Cream Cheese  Brownies
   Cream Cheese & Cherry Brownies
   M&M Oreo Cookie Bars
   Nanaimo Squares
   No Bake Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars
   Nut Bars
   Oreo Cream Cheese Brownies
   Peanut Butter (or Nuts) & Chocolate ~ 
      Bars & Pies & Candy x more than 21
   Raspberry Lemon Squares
   Strawberry Cheesecake Bars
   Strawberry Custard Bars
   Turtle Brownies

Breads & Handhelds
   Apple Cider Fritters
   Berry Cream Cheese Almond Danishes
   Cinnamon Buns
   Cranberry & Brie Filo Turnovers
   English Scones
   Maple Pecan Sticky Buns
   Thengai Buns
   Welsh Cakes

   Almond, Ricotta, and Orange Cake
   Berry Cottage Cheese Cake
   Carrot Cake & Frosting
   Cherry Almond Cake
   Chai Carrot Cake
   Cookie Cake
   Dark Fruit Cake
   Elvis Tribute Banana Cake with Peanut 
       Butter Frosting
   Honey Cake
   Honey Log
   Pineapple Upside Down Cake
   Rum Cake
   Sangria Cake
   Welsh Cakes
   Whiskey a Go-Go Cake

Candy & Miscellaneous
   Alcohol Balls
   Candied Pecans
   Cherry Rum/Brandy Biscotti
   CocoNut Chocolate Freezer Fudge
   Cranberry-Hazelnut Chocolate Bark
   Crispy Peanut Butter Cups
   Homemade Nutella
   Quick Chocolate Syrup for Ice Cream
   Winging It Cherry Jam

   Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies
   Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Cookies
   Cranberry Chocolate Pecan & Oatmeal 
   Fried Scandinavian Cookies
   Fruit Cake Cookies
   Kahlua Cookies
   Ranger Cookies
   Shortbread Cookies
   Spirits Pecans & Oatmeal Cookies
   Whipped Shortbread

   Apple Tortillas
   Banana Plus Ice Creams x 3
   Cherry Charlotte
   Cherry Lamingtons
   Chocolate Tiramisu together with 
      Chocolate Zabaglione Recipe
   Frozen Tiramisu
   Layered Chocolate Freezer Dessert
   Lemon Meringue Surprise
   Microwave Cheesecake
   Not Cream Cheese Chocolate 
   Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheese Cake
   Phyllo Chocolate Cheesecake
   Ricotta & Cream Cheese Cheesecake
   Roasted Strawberry, Balsamic Vinegar
       & Ricotta Ice Cream
   Strawberry Cannoli Tiramisu
   Sweet Potato Pie with Oat-Pecan Streusel
   Tiramisu with Beignets & Chocolate Ganache

   Banana Nut Bread Plus Several 
       Other Great (!) Sweet Breads
   Carrot-Ginger Black Sesame Loaf
   Cassata Loaf
   CheeseCake Stuffed Banana Bread
   Tea Loaf

   Breakfast Muffin(s)
   Raspberry Ginger Muffins

   Apple Pie Crumble
   Candy Bar Pie
   Chocolate Peanut Pie
   Hungarian Pecan Apple Pie
   Shelley's Pecan Pie

   Chia Pudding
   Puddings (Various)
   Watermelon Pudding & Spicy Chocolate-
      Covered Tortilla Chips

   Cherry Rolls
   Chocolate Rolls
   Strawberry Cream Cheese Cinnamon


Angel Hair Pasta
Antipasto Salad I
Antipasto Salad II
Antipasto Salad III
Asian Noodle Salad
Asparagus et al Salad
Avocado Cucumber Salad
Balsamic Chickpea Salad
Blue Cheese Chicken Salad
Broccoli/Cauliflower Salad
Broccoli, Cranberry, Cashew Salad
Broccoli Salad 
Brussel Sprout Pecan Cranberry/Apple
Butternut Squash, Carrot, Apple & Cranberry
Cabbage & Peanut Salad
Carrot & ? Salad
Carrot & Pea Salad
Chicken & Cranberry Salad    
Chicken Kale Salad with Honey 
   Mustard Vinaigrette
Chicken & Raisin Salad
Chicken Salad with Lime Dressing
Chicken Summer Salad
Chicken Taco Salad with Creamy 
   Lime Dressing
Chicken & Wild Rice Salad
Chinese Chicken salad
Chinese Noodle Salad
Corn & Peach Coleslaw
Corn Salad
Crab Salad
Creamy Noodle Salad
Creamy Tuna Salad
Green Bean & Salmon Salad
Guacamole Greens Salad 
Hot & Cold Vegetable Salad
Mango/Chicken Salad    
Mango/Strawberry Salad
Noodle Salad
Pasta Salad
Quino, Orange & Broccoli or Brussel 
   Sprout Salad
Roasted Garbanzo Bean & Squash Salad
Roast Vegetable & Couscous Salad 
Roasted Vegetable Salad
Russian Salad
Shrimp Salad with Spicy Almond Dressing
Spicy Tropical Chicken Salad
Spinach & Pine Nut Salad  
Strawberry-Caesar, Chicken & Veggie Salad
Sun-Dried Tomato and Broccoli Pasta Salad
Sweet and Sour Veggie & Fruit Salad
Tangy Hot Vegetable Salad
Teriyaki Chicken Salad
Thai Chicken Salad
Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta Salad
Turkey Salad
Winter Salad

Various Salad Dressings


Almond Cheese Appetizers
Appetizer Tarts
Asian Glazed Chicken Drumettes
Asparagus Roll Appetizers
Bacon Chicken Sweet & Sour Bites
Bacon Crackers
Bacon Wrapped Chicken/Chili Appys 
Baguette Appetizers
Caprese Salad Appetizers
Cheddar Cheese Broccoli Tots
Chicken Croquettes
Christmas Tree Appetizer
Coconut Chicken Strips with Honey
    Mustard Dipping Sauce 
Coconut Chicken Strips with Pina Colada
       Dipping Sauce 
Coconut Shrimp Appetizers
Corn, Tomato & Pesto Flatbreads
Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs
Cranberry Pecan Cheese Ball
Crab Roll
Dragon Eggs
English Muffin Appetizers
Grain Free Olive Garlic Crackers
Hot Chicken Appetizers
Hot Chicken Rolls
Hot Sauce-Meatball Appetizers
Mini Ricotta Tomato Bake
Olive Cheese Straws
Orange BBQ Meatball Appies
Oven Baked Zucchini Chips
Pesto Pull Aparts
Pizza Rolls
Roll Up Appies with Ham & Cheese
Scottish Norwegian Antipasto
Shrimp Appys
Spicy Chicken Bacon Bites
Spicy Meatballs
Tomato Olive Cake Appy
Tortilla Roll Appetizers
Tuna Puffs
Zucchini Tots


Brazilian Lemonade
Caper Relish
Cheese Curd
Play Doh (for playing, not for eating)
Puppy Cookies (for puppies, not people)
Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

Side Dishes

Apple Glazed Vegetable Stir Fry
Baked Parmesan Hash Brown Cups
Cheese Bake Potato Wedges
Cheesy Bacon Ranch Pull Apart Bread
Easy & Pretty Impressive Wine Mushroom
Lemon and Spinach Risotto
Olive Oil & Sun-Dried Tomato Bread
Potato Croquettes
Roasted Vegetables
Salmon Cakes
Sauerkraut is Surprisingly Easy to Make
Scalloped Potatoes
Skillet Potatoes
Spicy Cauliflower
Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella Focaccia 
Tuna Bites
Vegetable "Eden"
Vegetable Tempura with Ponzu Sauce
Vegetable Orange Stir Fry
Vegetable Rice
Zucchini, Rice & Cheese Gratin


Baked Veggies with Wasabi Dip
Broccoli Pesto 
Carrot ChickPea Burgers
Cranberry Pecan Crackers
Chili-Cheese Log
Curry Grilled Zucchini Roll Ups
Dill Pickle Potato Salad
Four-Bean Salad
Meatless Balls with Sweet & 
   Sour Sauce
Quinoa-Veggie Burger
Sun-Dried Tomato & White 
   Bean Burgers
Tara Vidak's Pasta Salad
Russian Salad
Various Soups also contains some
     Vegetarian Soup Recipes
Vegan Chocolate Truffle Cake
Veggie Burgers
Vegetable Soft Tacos
Vegetable Squares 
Vegetable Sushi Bowl
Vegetable Tempura with Ponzu
Zucchini Sticks and Sweet Onion Dip 

Sandwiches & Handhelds

Broccoli Chicken Cheddar Bread
Cajun Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Spicy Tuna Salad for Sandwiches
Tomato Jam and Mozzarella Panini
Turkey Panini with Apple, 
   Cheddar & Greens

A Bunch of Great Burger Recipes
   Carrot ChickPea Burgers
   Cheeseburger Chimichangas
   Chicken Burgers
   Fried Chicken Burgers
   Grilled Chicken Breast with Pesto Burgers
   Muffuletta Burgers
   Red Curry Chicken Burgers with
      Grilled Pineapple
   Salmon Burgers
   Shredded BBQ Chicken Burgers
   Shrimp Burgers
   Sun-Dried Tomato & White Bean Burgers

Apple and Pork Breakfast Sausage
Breakfast Frittata
Egg and Sausage Pie
French Toast Casserole x 3
Overnight Ham and Cheese Casserole
Slab Pie