Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Our internet was down from December 24th until the 29th.  When we could finally phone our carrier and get an answer, they told us they'd be by within 2 days; they advised they thought our modem needed to be exchanged.  How they can tell this over the phone is close to magic.  We then phoned our carrier on the 27th, the 28th & the 29th because no one had come around as promised.  Magic happened again about 10 minutes after our last phone call on the 29th, in that our internet suddenly began to work again. 

In any case, it was a pain in the butt.  We missed talking on Skype with the kids over Christmas, we missed our daily routine of checking into our favourite sites and wandering the net, we missed updating our blog & reading our e-mails, we missed the the camaraderie one develops with their computer, a kind of strange friendship if not an outright dependency.  After the first 2 days, we took to sitting down at our Mac and playing games & checking out preferences & looking at pictures, just to get the hands-on feeling.

Back to Habit:  The first day it was down and we'd rebooted 13 times and were sure we were "screwed" we stoically resigned ourselves to the situation and mentally counted the days before we could get in touch with our carrier.  Christmas season is a joy but it doesn't bode well if your furnace quits working, your water turns off or your internet cuts out. 

Usually, Brian gets up and walks Fredi and then spends some time on the computer and then watches TV and then wakes up Shelley.  No, Shelley does not sleep in until noon; she usually gets up around 8 o'clock.  Brian has at this point placed her coffee next to the computer and Shelley does her morning check-in; FaceBook for the kids, email, a few Twitters, a couple of Stumbles & a quick check of the newest news. 

With the internet definitely down, Shelley instead grabbed Fredi & cuddled with her on the front room couch watching the news on TV and slowly waking up.  It was Christmas day and we were having company for Brunch but prep work had been done the day before and nothing had to be taken care of until around 10 o'clock.  Shelley felt incredibly logy and put it down to a Christmas lassitude, content to snuggle with a compliant Fredi and laze away her morning. 

Ten o'clock came and preparation were made, Fredi was taken for yet another walk, our company came and we enjoyed french toast casserole, fruit & homemade hash browns cooked with bacon.  Our company left and we cleaned up and eventually Brian went down for his regular afternoon nap.

Now...about a half an hour before Shelley wakes Brian up from his nap, she prepares a pot of coffee and gets the cups ready with cream & sugar for Brian's awakening.  He often shouts "I'm up!" before she needs to disturb him and Shelley then turns on the coffee and goes to lie down with him for a 6 minute cuddle. 

The problem was, when Shelley went to prepare the mugs with cream & sugar, she couldn't find hers.  She looked in the cupboard, she looked near the computer, she looked in the front room, she went through the garbage, she did all that and more one more time and then gave up and prepped another cup. 

"I can't find my cup!" she told Brian when it was time for the cuddle.

"Well, it's around somewhere.  Did you look in the garbage?" he asked.

When Brian got up, he too checked the computer room, the front room, the kitchen, the cupboards & our bathrooms. 

"It was here this morning" he said.  "I gave you you coffee."

Shelley agreed.  It was a true mystery.  She drank her coffee from an unfamiliar mug and pondered the strangeness of it all.

Now normally, Brian would have been on the computer at this afternoon coffee time but since internet was down, we instead were watching more CNN on the TV.  Shelley sipped and heard about bad weather in Europe & terrorists & the President of the United States and suddenly got up and went to the microwave. 

"Ah huh!" she exclaimed upon opening the door for the microwave, for there was her cup waiting to be warmed up after Brian had made his pot of coffee and before she normally gets up in the morning. 

"No wonder I was so logy in the morning" she went on.  "I didn't get my coffee!"

Because our routine had been disturbed, our reality had been skewed and we'd both lost our minds.