Monday, 13 December 2010

Parque Paraiso

In Vancouver, British Columbia, the largest park in the City is Stanley Park.  It's over 400 hectares and has open air theaters & hiking paths & a large aquarium & a very small zoo  It has picnic grounds & fields for playing games and places to snack & places to fine dine & swings & beaches & art displays and the list goes on and on.

A couple of years before we left Vancouver, they had terrible wind storms and many of the old growth trees in the park were knocked over.  Driving around was surreal, travelling through the carnage left behind.  They still hadn't completely cleaned up the park by the time we left and the damage was still evident, particularly near the beach.

We looked on the web for statistics about Cuenca's Parque Paraiso but couldn't find any.  They have a play ground with equipment for young children and exercise set-ups dotted around the park.  They have a couple of large fields for games, a track for running & a lagoon with water birds in it, bordered by a river.  Some days you can rent a paddle boat and take a mini trip around the lagoon.  They have a bridge set-up over a marshy area and various benches & logs where one can sit and contemplate.  They have a forest of trees that you can meander through on cleared paths and from time to time the park sponsors events, a concert or a lecture or a greased pig chase or a food fair. There are also vendors selling hamburgers & hotdogs as well as places where small groups or families can picnic. 

Between the two of us, Brian & Shelley, we spent countless hours at Stanley Park, getting exercise, watching events, taking gleeful young children & sullen teenagers for an outing and always appreciated the gift the city of Vancouver had given us by providing this wonderful place.

While about 1/4 of the size of Stanley Park, Parque Paraiso also provides that green peace or a place of entertainment. 

Public parks are every man's property, a place where even the most humble can enjoy sculptured nature & gather for quiet enjoyment and raucous fun.  Parque Paraiso lives up to that tradition.  

As mentioned before from time to time, Parque Paraiso is our dog's Fredi most favourite place.