Monday, 31 January 2011

A Good Sigh

When Sigred was quite a bit younger than she is now, she was "accused" over and over again of being a sigher. 

You know....deep sigh and then a profound silence and then an open space; empty for those willing to comment.

Sigred, being bright as a brand new copper penny, finally picked up on the fact that she was a sigher (the 7,564+ comments about it clued her in) and she worked (very hard) to eliminate sighing from her repertoire.  

For awhile she'd articulate:  For example "oh sigh" she'd say, and people would look at her somewhat oddly.

But folks being what they are, they'd mostly ignore the minor glitch and continue on. 

After awhile, even the outward manifestation of the overwhelming sigh was no longer necessary and (in that end) Sigred became a non-sigher. 

Sigred was very proud of this accomplishment!

The non-sighing went on for years ~ 12 - 15 years approximately.  A pretty good display. 


She encountered a truly worthwhile sigher.  An Olympic class sigher.  A sigher well within the World Top 10. 

The sighs were evident every 29 minutes or so, accompanied often by a furtive look at the sigher's watch. 

What to do?
What to do?

Now in the 10 - 17 years that Sigred had been a non-sigher, she'd of course encountered other sighers on the way.  Mostly she'd keep her pie hole shut and not commented.  If the sigh was truly outrageous, she felt compelled to question and most often ended up slightly embarrassing the sigher.  This of course, was not what Sigred intended to do.  Her intention was to help in some minor way if at all possible.  Apparently it isn't; possible to help, that is. 

In the middle of a quandary, Sigred couldn't stand it any more and finally asked the most recent sigher what was wrong.

Apparently, what was wrong, was Sigred.

Oh Dear! 

Thank you for sharing?

Sigred walked away from hearing what was wrong with her and the sighs continued.

Sigred endured.


Interesting aside:  For several weeks after the "incident" Sigred found herself sighing again.  Apparently it's like smoking or any other addiction, one has to be very careful about being around it.  After awhile, through hard work on the problem, Sigred's sighing disappeared once again.