Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Random Things

Everywhere you go, there are random things that catch your attention and then one usually passes them by to be forgotten.

Ecuador, at least for a non-Ecuadorian, seems to have a lot of these random things.

Quite often in parks, there'll be stuffed horses, or llamas, or as above a lion, for children to sit on and have their picture taken.

The fellow above, smoking a cigarette and standing in the jaws of some fish creature was displayed in an area where they sell herbal medicines.  You can get snail slime there and ground up sea shells that purportedly are good for your skin.  They sell quail eggs and very large eggs (perhaps from geese?) and a coca tea that is supposed to be very helpful in getting one used to the high altitude.  


All the peoples' markets have shrines and often places where one can burn candles.  The shrines vary from a shelf placed high on a wall with a statue in it, to quite elaborate set ups with fresh flowers surrounded them every day.

The above are ceramic statues of animals placed on a roof.  A serendipitous piece of every day life in Cuenca. 

Many of the sidewalks are crumbling and it takes people several months of watching their feet in order to get "Ecuador legs".  Where the sidewalks are relatively new, there are often prints of small children, dogs & larger feet.  

The two crosses above are from Cuenca and we've been told that these Cuenca crosses are unique.  There are several places in town that make them and you'll see them all over the city.  The bellows & the statue were discovered in a tiny museum in a tiny town called Chordeleg as was the ancient record player & pottery below. 

The ferris wheel below was almost all by itself, locked in a lot in another tiny town outside Cuenca called SigSig.  It wasn't running and at it's base was a covered wagon.

Roast pig is to be found everywhere in Ecuador; in the public markets, at the side of the road turning on a spit and in the instance below, on the top of a car displayed for a parade.

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