Monday, 7 March 2011

Random People

What's more wonderful than Random People ~ living their lives and "entertaining us" above and beyond the mundane existence of everyday life?

While Canada provided "Random People" well worth a snap, Ecuador is more than willing to do it's part.  Parades abound, from 10 or so people demonstrating their drumming abilities to hundreds showing off their parish or children or simply the spirit of life.

Dancers entertain us (free!) in plain white costumes or colourful indigenous skirts, twirling or in postures of benediction ~ all of it a display of the happiness of being.

Work too is necessary ~ tilling the field to produce.


And everywhere in Ecuador (and elsewhere perhaps not so obvious) are small people carrying great burdens.  

Few things join the world more than sports....

...and music....

... and art, whether it's performance or life.

To see more pictures of Random People (both Canada & Ecuador), please click here.