Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More Random Things

The above was a T-shirt for sale at the indigenous market.  We did some research on the net seeking Ecuador hieroglyphics and found an interesting article about "what appears to be an alphabet of 56 characters stamped in a gridwork of squares on metal" found in a series of caves 150 miles south of Quito.  We do know there are cave paintings not too far outside of Cuenca but we've yet to see them.  In any case, none of our research told us if the above means anything or if it's just the fanciful doodlings of an energetic craftsman.

It's an everyday sight to see indigenous folks (mostly woman) pushing about their wheelbarrows full of fruit. Apparently they show up at the large indigenous markets at the crack of dawn, negotiating for their day's supply of fruit & then arranging it in quite artistic displays.

We were walking down town one day and saw this rather alarming flow of water pouring into the river.  By the time we walked home, the water was back to being it's usual muddy colour so whatever was happening was relatively short-lived.  Still...we can't help but wonder what was going on. We considered coming back later to see if the fish would glow in the dark. 

It's not unusual to see people on horseback even on non-parade days.  The above shot was taken from our apartment.  Apparently the guy thought that patch of grass was a good place to set himself up.

Shelley had heard that there was some sort of link between aluminum & Alzheimer's.  She did some quick research on the net and came up with: "A number of environmental factors have been put forward as possible contributory causes of Alzheimer's disease in some people. Among these is aluminum. There is circumstantial evidence linking this metal with Alzheimer's disease, but no causal relationship has yet been proved."

In any case, the Alzheimer's researchers should come down to Ecuador and see what the incidence of the disease is here.  The reason they should do that is a huge portion of the population cooks in these aluminum pots ~ they're for sale everywhere.

Two llamas were stationed at a park one day and the gentleman who owned them was giving rides to small children and allowing others to take pictures.  The llamas' eyes were very goat-like and disturbing.  We sat quite near them and our dog Fredi didn't seem to be bothered by them and conversely they didn't seem to mind Fredi.

Walking down the street, we spotted this airplane made over into offices for an Airline.  It seemed a pretty clever use of materials.

Brian wanted to know why Shelley was taking a picture of a window.  "It's cool" she told him unconcerned.  The design on the outside of the window is made of metal.

We'll often see signs attempted in English but having not quite accomplished their goal.  Shelley's favourite is Real State (Real Estate) but the above was pretty good too.

This old car was parked in the middle of one of Cuenca's biggest malls.  Shelley asked Brian what kind of car it was but Brian couldn't identify it.  "Probably from Europe" he said.

The above cup reads:  "It is worth remembering that coffee improves concentration, learning ability and the power of reaction."

This truck was driving through the middle of down-town Cuenca.  Shelley got up to take a picture and the couple and their two children in the cab all waved gaily.   Most of the cars you see in Ecuador are relatively new.  You almost never see a "junker" and only on occasion see a restored antique.

Don't know what the above fellow was trying to sell.  Does he look like a computer?

We couldn't help being drawn to Canada's Beaver & flag.  Apparently there's an organization down here called Canadian House and it teaches English as a second language among other things.

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