Monday, 16 May 2011

Bossy Thinks Out Loud

"I want to write a cowboy story about a new gunslinger that's come to town and is terrorizing the population.  He's a Man with No Name who fights dirty and shoots first" Bossy told Selfish during their first cozy of the day.  "I can't get started on it properly so I went on the internet and looked up 'cowboy stories'.  I couldn't believe it...there's a million of them and they're all written by really old men."

Selfish laughed, seemingly being well aware that old men wrote cowboy stories and plastered them all over the net.  "I know who your inspiration is for the gunslinger" he then told Bossy.  "Will he get his comeuppance in the end?"

"Of course" Bossy said.  "I'll have him stampeded by a marauding herd of wild llamas."

Selfish laughed again.