Friday, 6 May 2011

Ecuador Road Trips

We live in this country of Ecuador for many reasons.  Our own home land is Canada and Canada is generally cold.

Ecuador has cold places.  Some dwellings never seem to warm up, but mostly, being on the equator, it's quite least if you're a Canadian.

This is what we tell Ecuadorians who ask us why we're here instead of back in Canada.

We don't own a car.  This has more to do with determination than finance.  We travel Ecuador by bus or sometimes in friends' cars and consequently see the countryside (almost always green) in a series of mental snap shots blurred by speed through a window.  We take pictures which can only capture a fleeting moment and then we have to be reliant on memory to fill in the blanks.

Ecuador (and Canada too) are wonderful countries and for a heart that's willing to see, there are many similarities. 

Shelley's ancestors came from Norway and many of them settled in the green and blue mountains of British Columbia, Canada.  She was told the similarity was "like home" and that it therefore brought comfort, and the same is true for Shelley & Brian in Ecuador.

All the pictures (on this particular blog) are taken in the suburbs of Cuenca, Ecuador.

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