Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Music III

This is the third in our series of music worth remembering (in our opinion ).  When we started the initial blog (Music), we went through our CD's (we know we should have an iPod by now but we don't) and wrote down artists.  Going along, we also remembered artists we didn't own but certainly appreciated.  It turned out we had more songs than could be reasonably posted on just one blog.  Into the second blog (More Music), we checked sites on the net that specialized in listing hits for the 60's, 70's, 80's etc. and that helped us remember even more artists.  We did not simply list hits and have tried reasonably hard to not duplicate any artists on these lists.  These days, from time to time, one of us speaks excitedly to the other when we've remembered another artist.  Also people on Twitter have taken to sharing with us, and although we don't put every song suggested on the list, the folks out there have provided some happy finds.   There'll be at least one more blog after this one (maybe 2 or 4).  Still, we know we've got to have forgotten several artists.  That's why we're making the list.