Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Through Our Looking Glass

Ever helpful Wikipedia tells us that "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871) is a work of children's literature by Lewis Carroll.  It is the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865). The themes and settings of Through the Looking-Glass make it a kind of mirror image of Wonderland: the first book begins outdoors, in the warm month of May, uses frequent changes in size as a plot device, and draws on the imagery of playing cards; the second opens indoors on a snowy, wintry night exactly six months later, on November 4, uses frequent changes in time and spatial directions as a plot device, and draws on the imagery of chess.  In it, there are many mirror themes, including opposites, time running backwards, and so on.

All the pictures on this blog were taken through our front room window.  The scene is merely a neighbourhood, albeit in Ecuador and it's the sky each time that catches our eye.

Before coming to Ecuador in our retirement, we lived on a boat in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Our boat, Dowager, was a 1931 patrol vessel originally used by the British Columbia Game Department to keep an eye on the hunters and fishermen.  She also served as a patrol boat for the Provincial Police and actually had a cell set up in her fo'c'sle at one time.  We lived on the boat for close to 15 years and wouldn't have stayed that long on her if she didn't suit us.

However, Dowager's living quarters were down in the water, with tiny round port holes to peek out of from time to time to see what all the noise (or whatever) outside was all about.  We did not have a view.  We did not see big sky every day from our salon. 

Vancouver, B.C. is a beautiful city; cultural, convenient, well set up, with mountains & the ocean meeting each other.  It has a tremendous diversity in the population, bends over backwards for the arts, has purportedly some of the best restaurants in the world, is close to swimming & skiing & endless forests, etc. etc. etc.

However...it rains 300 days a year.

Checking on Wikipedia, they say:  "Although popularly thought of as being a rainy city, Vancouver has only 166 days per year with measurable precipitation on average, and 289 days with measurable sunshine. Nonetheless, from November until March, it is not uncommon for there to be 20 consecutive days with some amount of rain."

Frankly we find the above statistics hard to believe and wonder what the term "measurable" really means.   Also we're absolutely positive that often it rains 40 days and 40 nights with no let up.

When we slipped down our own rabbit hole and woke up in Cuenca we found that it rains here too.  Sometimes Biblical rain crashing in sheets down from the sky, but even during the "rainy" season, it only rains for a short time and then the equator sunshine is back out doing its thing. 

We only have a small, relatively cheap digital camera.  It's disappointing from time to time, that we can't truly capture a particular scene because of its limitations.  The sky through our looking glass is huge and ever changing and beckoning.   It's easy to look out through it and dream dreams and remember only the good times. 

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