Friday, 5 August 2011

Portal to Another Dimension

In a world far far away in time and space Sigred despaired at the world around her.  It seemed at every turn there was no joy or love, only thankless work & drudgery.  Sigred put an ad in the paper and she & Fred met each other on the telephone.  They talked for hours and in the end finally determined that it seemed worth while to meet each other.  After a few visits that went remarkably well, where Fred had waxed poetic about his boat, it was determined that they needed to find out if Sigred had the stomach for it. 

Fred travelled 9 hours in his Jeep Grand Cherokee, down from where he was living in the cold cold north, to the city where Sigred was living at the coast.  He picked her and her 2 children up and then they travelled several more hours to a small fishing town.  This was where Fred kept his boat.  This was also where Fred kept his best friend and it was apparent that this was where Fred kept most of his heart.

Sigred & the children, having never been on a boat before, having in fact not left the city where they lived for several years, wandered around, gazing at the new things to see, getting a feel for walking on the jiggly dock and watched minnows & crabs scuttling under the fingers.  At one point Sigred took out her film camera and shot a picture of the sky "Because it was so beautiful" and eventually they went for a week long boat ride and once again, things went remarkably well.   The children were as perfect as children can be, the weather was glorious & clear and love & joy seemed in the air.  Nothing went wrong. 

Several weeks later, Sigred developed her film.  "Look, look at this picture!" Sigred commanded of many people, a twinkle in her eye.  "Look in the sky.  It's a portal to another dimension!"

People would scoff and smile at Sigred and explain it was a water drop on the lens or a flaw in the developing solution and then Sigred would ask them.  "If that's true then what was I taking a picture of?"

That question always put a stop to their scoffing and Sigred would walk away happy in the little bit of fun the picture was providing to her.

Many years later, after living on the boat for several years and having magical moments on a regular basis; after marrying off a couple of their 5 children and stoically marching through their jobs and life in general; after finally retiring and moving to the wonder that is Ecuador, Sigred still looks at the picture and smiles, that twinkle in her eye, sure now it was in fact: a portal to another dimension.