Saturday, 24 September 2011

But I Must Scream

This is slavery, not to speak one's thought. ~ Euripedes #quote

Sigred's been fooling around with quotes for something like 3 years now.  She's getting pretty good with quotes in that she'd never noticed before how many people pirate quotes as their own.  It's a natural enough thing; even the "famous" do it.  Plus, it's not wholly beyond reason that more than one person could genuinely come up with a clever thing to say... and then say it. 

In any case, Sigred's "#quote thing" all started with Twitter and something to Tweet.  She researched on the net, from personal reading, from friends & family & from various quote books and then plastered her research in Twitter.  The "#quote thing"  progressed to making single quote graphics for the blog plus quote menageries with personal pictures.  She began to sprinkle her every day conversation with quotes (always careful to acknowledge their provenance) and she began to take note of quotes from TV & movies.

The whole thing took on a minor life in itself. 

(Aside:  It takes a while to find your place in retirement.)

At this point (with the above But I Must Scream) Sigred had exhausted her built-up supply of single quote graphics.  She still had quotes to distribute, but the plan was she'd do this in multiple quote posts.  After she'd finished off her supply, her further plan was to quit the quote business (acknowledging that one should never say never).

(Second Aside: 
After composing the above and setting this blog up in a queue,
several more opportunities came up to make additional single quote blogs.  
Thus, this is not the beginning of the end...
as anticipated.)

Something about mice and men...?