Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sigred Muses on the Cycle of Life

For one thousand four hundred and fifty seven years (maybe more), Mondays were a trial for Sigred.    

In the beginning, after several hundred years of simply existing & waking up & discovering & enjoying, Monday's turned into an ongoing difficult chore.  The chore of waking up, getting up, getting ready and trudging off to school or to work or to whatever obligation faced her that day.  Venturing out into the simple thing called life... 

At the beginning of the difficult Mondays, there was a place called "education", where...for unknown reasons, young boys would throw snowballs with rocks in them at her head and fully grown adults would chastise her for dreaming the dreams that should be & need to be dreamed. 

Later on, Mondays represented a more difficult awakening but with somewhat similar results after leaving home.  Young men, with squeaky voices & awkward legs would make it difficult for her to simply walk down the hall and young women with silky hair and spotty faces would laugh & giggle & tease & point. 

Mondays required a steeling of something called wherewithal and a stiff legged walk, pointing one straight to one's destination.

Later on still, Mondays required a further stiffening of resolve not to push the snooze button yet one more time and a magic ability to wake up on the city bus one stop before it was required to disembark.

And later on still, Mondays involved waking cranky children up & frantic breakfasts & lost shoes and homework & hurried picking-ups & tearful goodbyes & a pushing of boundaries & a deep wishing for something simpler and a basic need to persevere.

And those most difficult of Monday's continued on for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Later on still (there is a world called Hope) we come to Sigred's present day Mondays.

"Can you believe it!?  Now Monday is my favourite day!" Sigred chatters to Fred knowing she'd told him this meaningless fact several times before.

Fred nods & acknowledges & with kindness lets her continue.  

"We go grocery shopping & then we come home and then you take Princess for a walk while I put the groceries away and then I cook something & do my computer stuff".   Sigred continues to blather.  "It's not too much & not too little...and then there's good TV in the evening. It's just about a perfect day for me!"

Sigred reflects a bit and finishes with: "I'm pretty simple, aren't I?"

Fred, loving Sigred, only smiles, a twinkle in his eye.

It's a fairly straightforward thing; endure & continue.

The cycle of life.