Friday, 6 January 2012

The Things We Remember

The Middle

We've been ExPats now for more than 3-1/2 years.  Brian's been back to Canada once to attend the funeral of his brother but Shelley hasn't been back at all in those 3-1/2 years.

As we told people in our blog Planet Irony, Shelley had pretty bad home sickness for the first 6 months in Ecuador.  After that, things settled down and these days, we pretty much feel right at home here in Cuenca. 

It's funny though...the things that'll take you back.

They say smell is one of the major reminders but this small story isn't about smell it's about noise.

Ecuador is a marvelous land, colourful, warm, full of sights & noises & textures to attack all the senses but it wasn't until they started doing renovations in the apartment below us that we discouvered a small remembrance of "home".

They'd been banging and thumping for days.  Then it stopped for a few weeks and then they started again.

One day they started sanding.  The sanding went on all day and late into the evening and it was still going on when Shelley went to bed that night.

The End

The next morning, Shelley got up and asked Brian how he slept. 

"Great!" Brian replied a bit surprised because his sleep patterns have become quite erratic of late. 

"Me too!" Shelley told Brian.

"I was thinking about it for a while and you know what?"


"I figured it was the sanding."

Brian thought about it for a moment and then smiled & laughed & agreed with Shelley.

The Beginning
You see, at the Marina where we lived in Vancouver. there was almost always someone doing work on their boat, and that work almost always involved sanding.

Being on the water, the noise carried, so it didn't much matter if it was the boat right beside us or the one 4 fingers away.