Friday, 15 March 2013

Silence and Time

After several years living in Cuenca, and having driven by it numerous times, I wrote down on the calendar "graveyard" so that we would make a point to visit the Cementeria Patrimanial de Cuenca.

"Silence and time saved one of the important facets of Cuenca's history.  Its beginnings date back to the late 1870, according to the dates inscribed on the tombstones" said Rene Tello, manager of the Municipal Cemeteries.  The remains of Luis Cordero, Benigno Malo, Octavio Cordero Palacios, among other famous people of this region are on the site.  Monuments, gravestones carved in wood and marble mausoleums, catafalque, niches, buildings tucked away from the urban area are all inside it's walls and everything is complemented by rich architectural, artistic, spiritual and landscaping elements throughout the cemetery.

We wandered around for about an hour.  It being a weekday and no special occasion, mostly our only living company were workmen dotted through the area, some cutting grass and some doing work to the various stones & buildings.  They'd nod to us and we'd continue on our way, in quiet awe of our surroundings.

Many of the mausoleums were dedicated to important Ecuadorian families, but several were dedicated to organizations and groups such as war veterans, volunteer fireman, city workers, artisans, etc.

We were respectful and quiet during our walk through the area.  Both of us contemplating our own lost loved ones and the frailty of life.

It was impossible to resist taking the picture...  a monument stone so old, the inscription on it was long erased and yet some soul had left a lone flower in remembrance.