Saturday, 15 June 2013

It's Important to Remember...

...when moving from North America to Ecuador that mañana does not mean "tomorrow" necessarily, most often it means simply "not now".

This exact scenario as outlined below has happened at least 2 other times. At this point, Fred & Sigred understand and are resigned to the Ecuadorian "system".

Thursday evening they noticed that there was a slow-down in their internet and by the end of the evening the only thing they could call up was Gmail and Facebook. Any sites that took more oomph to materialize just resulted in a twirling "working on it" graphic.

Friday morning, Fred set off to the internet provider's main location. Now we can, of course, phone, but it is so much easier, what with language & cultural difficulties, to deal in person with anything complicated. A couple of hours later, Fred phoned Sigred and advised that the internet provider said the problem was with our modem and that they'd send a service man out to our place some time after noon. At this point, Sigred reminded him that last time this happened and they had needed a new modem, the service men didn't have one with them. Fred had had to go down to their office the next day, purchase one and then they had to set up yet another service call the following day to install said modem.

Fred groaned and said he'd go back in line and find out if he could circumvent that procedure.

Another hour or so later, Fred returned home advising that the internet company had no provision for servicemen to provide modems as they had no system for the servicemen to collect payment on them.

"Bill us?!" Sigred replied rather sarcastically and Fred grimaced, shrugged his shoulders and went down for a well deserved nap.

So then... they spent the rest of Friday with one them at home continually. They took turns taking Princess out on her walk but generally spent the day indoors without sunshine falling on their brows or the wind blowing through their hair.

At about 6 o'clock in the evening, Sigred remarked to Fred: "Well, I guess they're not coming."

Reminder: This scenario has happened before; thus throughout the evening Sigred checked to see if perhaps their internet was working. By the time she woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning for her regular half hour on the iPad, the net was up and running as if nothing had happened.

Sigred was pleased. Fred was pleased. Princess didn't care.

Saturday morning they went about their business and enjoyed full internet privileges that day, the next and so on. They received no call from the internet company and didn't expect one.

Hasta la próxima...