Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bossy Says Nothing

Those of you out there that read our blog Planet Irony (which covers the first couple of years of our moving off our boat in Vancouver, Canada and going to the high Andes in Cuenca, Ecuador) will probably remember that a certain someone was always longing for a miniature helicopter.  Another certain someone in that blog continually and rather heartlessly put a kibosh to that heartfelt wish.  E-mails were sent to that heartless character urging a change in position and others brought Christmas ornaments in the shape of helicopters (and various such things) to appease the heartbroken certain someone.

In this end, a friend whose life companion was definitely not heartless, purchased for him his own miniature helicopter.  That friend played with it until the glow wore off and then much to the joyful happiness and chagrin of two certain someones, generously gave them his toy.

Below is the result of that gift.

Please note:  The video is only 30 seconds long and has a short black-out in the middle.  You must continue to the end to reap the full impact.  Please also note:  the filming of this video was done in Cuenca's "winter" (June) thus the garmenting of one of the characters in the film.