Friday, 21 March 2014

Bossy asks Selfish to Think about Vancouver

On-line Bossy had been reading about the terrible weather in Vancouver Canada.  It's a funny thing, you see... the seasons are switched for Bossy & Selfish -- when it's summer in Canada it's winter in Ecuador.  What this means, is that while their friends and children in Canada are sweltering in global-warming-type hot summers, Bossy & Selfish are somewhat uncomfortable, having to wear a sweater, the odd day, when they go outside.  During this period, Bossy finds herself being just a tad -- just a tad that is -- resentful -- their friends & family (you know) bragging about their wonderful (!) weather.  

However, come the end of September and the news feeds are advising of terrible rain storms in Vancouver and then later absolutely abominable snow storms in Toronto -- and Bossy KNOWS these storms will last until well past February, into March and then maybe April (in Vancouver at least) and sometimes even into June.  She counts on her fingers (plus 5!) and smugly assures herself it's way more than the few months she had to endure wearing a sweater (sometimes) during the day in Cuenca, Ecuador.  

At that point Bossy generally feels better, hanging her head a bit -- but better. 

She knows it's a small thing within her,  but she can't seem to help herself. 

Vancouver (but only in the Spring)