Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How Big is the Ocean?


WRI’s free map uses data to measure a number of categories of water risk around the world: physical risk; variability in available water from year to year, which looks at flood occurrences (how often and how intense); severity of droughts (how long and how severe), groundwater stress, pollution pressure, demand for water treatment, media coverage about water issues (meaning how much attention is given to water in a given area), and more.  Go to: for interactive map.  


Ten maps contained in the GIF above show the movement of sea level at 1,000-year intervals leading up today.  The black outline represents the coast as it exists today. The "0" on the colour bar above is sea level, with green, yellow, orange, and red areas showing elevation in meters above sea level, and teal and blue showing the depth of the ocean below it. For reference, the map below is the same land on a map you may more easily recognize, from Chesapeake, Virginia to Boston:

Via:  The City Lab