Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Pi in the Sky

 Via:  Bird Brains

Piaphrase: Phrases or sentences in which the number of characters in each word follow the digits in the sequence of Pi. 

The I that a world neglected to notice knows how peace resolves adversity
For a dime I speak violently or wander about the green pastures elegantly washing catatonic fur

Piaku: Poetry in which the number of syllables in each sentence correspond to the consecutive digits of Pi.

The Storm: by Mike Rollins
3 Flash, Rumble
1 Rain
4 Awesome thunder
1 Wind
5 The wind will plunder
9 As did the pirates from on yonder
2 Raid, fall
6 Damn! My ship is sinking
5 The water stinging
3 Quivering
5 The storm moves onward
8 I'm tired, I'm cold, I sink, I die.


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